How to Soothe Yourself with Food During This Pandemic

Webinar with Audrey Zona and Dr. Shari Becker

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You are not alone. Shari and I will share our thoughts, feelings, ideas and personal experiences as we all navigate this difficult time together. With life in general feeling so out of control, it is natural to feel out of control inside ourselves. We are all trying to figure this out day by day, as most of our usual “go-to” coping strategies are not available to us right now. Food is one of the few “comforts” we have in our homes and in our lives currently.  Especially for those of us who rely on food to soothe ourselves when we are stressed or upset, this can feel very dangerous and we risk feeling even more out of control and upset after we overeat.  Shari and I will have a conversation about stress and eating, offer suggestions on how to use food to comfort and soothe in healthful, nourishing ways and most importantly, how to be kind and gentle towards yourself, especially during difficult times. Shari and I often have different approaches to food and eating, so this should be an interesting conversation!


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